Google Adsense: Keeping Your Account From Being Disabled and Useful Books About the Program

Google Adsense: Keeping Your Account From Being Disabled and Useful Books About the Program

How Can I Ensure That My Account Will Not Be Handicapped?

Google Adsense Program Policies make no allowances for misleading practices. The most essential thing a publisher can do to guarantee the stability of their site is to be knowledgeable about what is taking place on your site.

Google has actually made it perfectly clear not to click your own ads or ask others to do so. However what about practices a publisher may not purposely carry out?

Make certain that ads related to Google never ever appear in an unrequested pop-up. Don’t be talked into buying traffic for your site that may include adware.

Respect the Google trademarks. Don’t use any Google trademarks or logo designs without their approval.

Do not change the Adsense code. If you ‘re a pro at html, do not assume you can add your own code. If you ‘re brand-new to html, simply copy and paste the used code. Don’t tinker it.

Offer a great environment for advertisers and a favorable user experience. Don’t try to be deceptive in any method. Google’s rules might sound stringent, but think me, safeguarding the integrity of the Google Adsense Program remains in your best interest as well as Google’s. After all, a favorable, honest Google Adsense program implies more money for everyone.

Helpful Books About the Google Adsense Program For Users of All Stages

Do you need to buy a book to utilize Google Adsense? Not always. Google’s assistance page has a wealth of information. However you might consider it if you wish to read an individual account of an Adsense wizard such as Eric Giguere or say, if you wish to find out more about HTML. ‘Who Let the Blog sites Out: A Hyperconnected Peek at the World of Weblogs by Biz Stone has a great deal of details on blogging in addition to information about Google Adsense. The following is just a couple of books you can discover at on the subject:

Make Easy Cash with Google: Utilizing the Adsense Advertising Program By Eric Giguere

The Google Adsense Handbook By Angus McLeod

Google Marketing Tools: Cashing in with Adsense, Adwords, and the Google APIs by Harold Davis

Top-Paying Google Adsense and Adwords Keywords for Pharmaceuticals (In Digital Format) [Download: Adobe Reader] By W. Frederick Zimmerman

The Total Moron’s Guide to Growing Your Company with Google By Dave Taylor

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