Book Review: The Adsense Code By Joel Comm

Book Review: The Adsense Code By Joel Comm

I had actually already tested Joels work when I read his original ebook “What Google Never Told You About Adsense”, so I had high expectations of this physical Adsense training book. I have to say Joel didn’t dissatisfy me this time either.

To start with The Adsense Code begins with the essentials which anybody simply beginning with Adsense will find beneficial as a quick recommendation to get them up and running. As someone who has actually been using Adsense for a while I discovered this area might be skimmed, although there are some tips you might still find beneficial even if you have utilized Adsense on your websites for a while. Some of the stuff in the first couple of chapters will jog your memory and advise you of somethings you already understand but forget to utilize.

After the initial setup Joel solves on with the stuff you bought the book for, the appropriate method to implement Adsense for optimal revenues. His ideas are all backed with his genuine life testing and tuning, however nevertheless he is prepared to admit that there is nobody size fits all when it pertains to ad positioning and colour usage in the adblocks, believe blending in the Adsense obstructs to not look like advertisements and you are getting close. He likewise exposes what Adsense blocks work best and where, as well as cautions when this guidance does not rather exercise to be real.

After the preliminary setting up, and placement, The Adsense Code goes further into screening and tracking to get the maximum CTR (Click Through Rate) for your Adsense blocks. Joel points out a few of the tools he uses for tracking and provides you a more in depth understanding of how to use the tracking Google has actually already offered to Adsense publishers with the “Channels” you can utilize to track your Adsense efficiency with. This is a helpful read for anybody who wants to make the many of every block of Adsense advertisements.

The other parts of the book briefly (sometimes it appears a little too briefly) cover the topics of content sites, search engine optimisation and utilizing your site statistics to assist you increase your traffic. The area on SEO (Online Search Engine Optimisation) might have been a little bit more in depth, although this is a substantial subject which deservedly has sufficient books and ebooks discussed it, it could have had a bit more than the 8 pages committed to it, but then this book isn’t about getting traffic, it has to do with making the most from what you currently get.

In summing up, The Adsense Code by Joel Comm is an ideal book for the beginner to intermediate Adsense publisher, and will help improve their Adsense revenues. If you are already making a living from Adsense this will provide only a little backup referral info for you. The Adsense Code covers the core subject for which it was composed in excellent detail, in an easy to comprehend method without being patronising. My recommendations is if you are earning less than a couple of hundred dollars a month from Adsense however want to do better then this is the book to purchase, and keep referring back to as you improve your profits.


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