Rss To Blog Pro – A 6-Month Review

Rss To Blog Pro – A 6-Month Review

Browse engines are particularly thinking about sites with constantly upgraded, appropriate material. Sites that appear static without a supply of fresh content might be deemed dormant and in their drive to supply the newest, most relevant search engine result to users, search engines may rank such a website lower than a website that is updated frequently.

What Is It?
RSS to Blog Pro is a completely automated post tool offering self-updating websites. It’s a PHP script that is installed on a single webhosting account. From this centralised setup, numerous blog sites can be preserved with fresh material from different sources. Likewise available is an earlier, non-pro variation, which has the same basic performance, however needs a different install for each blog site it keeps.

What Issue Does It Fix?
Adding fresh – and importantly, relevant – content to sites can be a resource consuming job. Either you invest time finding and developing new content or you pay somebody to do it for you. Without fresh material, your websites can appear stagnant and drop off the online search engine radar. This impacts your site rankings in search engine result and ultimately has a detrimental effect on any totally free traffic coming from the search engines. If your sites rely on online search engine traffic then this can mean their downfall.

What Are The Benefits?
RSS to Blog Pro deals with the issue of needing to routinely update website material by automating the entire process from discovering relevant material based upon keywords that you offer through to posting content to your website blog site. In the eyes of online search engine, updating a site with irrelevant content isn’t almost as good as having appropriate material. The tighter your niche, the much better chances you have of ranking higher as you’ll be contending with a smaller number of websites. Utilizing a scattergun approach to website content can imply you end up completing with websites throughout a great deal of specific niches.

If you’re developing material websites with the objective of earning an AdSense earnings then you’ll know that the ads shown are dependant upon the surrounding content on your websites. Unimportant material results in advertisements that are irrelevant to your site visitors, which suggests they’ll have no interest in clicking them and your generated earnings will be poor.


* Supports several blog site types consisting of WordPress, Blog writer Blogs, Movable Type, Type Pad, Live Journal and MSN Spaces.
* Keywords and RSS feeds can be defined for automated content generation or you can provide your own content.
* Posting to your blog sites can be arranged at random intervals e.g. once or two times a day so that publishing appears natural.
* There are no ‘footprints’ to recognize the material as being instantly created.
* Log records are kept so you can see exactly what has been published and to where.
* Built-in ping functionality for blog site and ping.
* A single setup will publish to an endless variety of blogs.
* Regular updates.
* User assistance online forum.
* Two tier affiliate programme offering 40% commission to the leading level and 10% for any sales from affiliates you recruit.

My Experience With RSS to Blog Site Pro
Since August 2005, I’ve been utilizing RSS to Blog Pro on an increasing number of blog sites in various niches. I’m happy to be able to state that my income from AdSense has increased month upon month considering that then. With the software installed on my virtual personal server (VPS), I presently handle around 50 blog sites, publishing relevant brand-new material every day or more. I ‘d advise that you don’t install RSS to Blog site Pro onto a shared server since if you’re updating a large number of websites or you’re running the script regularly (every couple of minutes) then your host is most likely to take a dim view on it. Considering how economical and just how much more dependable a VPS is to run there just isn’t any reasonable validation for risking a shared server. A VPS is like having your own server, completely isolated from any other peoples websites so you can’t impact them and they can’t affect you. There is the exception of disk IO, however that isn’t something that must be of any real concern.

The concern of significance is really what makes the distinction between an effective auto content generation tool and one that will never do anything for your bottom line. I can’t stress it enough; without relevant content, online search engine won’t be able to categorise your niche and won’t be able to rank you fairly among your peers. That suggests you won’t do well in searches in your subject area. It likewise could suggest your site will serve advertisements for tennis equipment when your niche is dog care. Visitors trying to find information about pet dog care are extremely unlikely to be thinking about tennis devices when they pertain to your site because it’s not something which relates to their needs at that time.

There’s no doubt that this helps to keep those sites looking fresh and my website stats reveal a continuous stream of check outs to my blog pages every month. And naturally, lots of targetted visitors and lots of targetted material implies a great deal of clicks on targetted ads!

Support-wise, Michelle (developer of RSS to Blog Site Pro) has answered my e-mail queries immediately and there’s an active user forum for peer support. Michelle likewise goes to the online forum to supply assistance although some questions can take a number of days for a response, nevertheless the user base, support forum and software application is fully grown enough to be able to manage practically every common question a new user might have.

Thankfully, the software application is easy to set up and set-up so you can anticipate to be running within an hour or two.

One function that I haven’t utilized is the ability to ping blog directory sites from within RSS to Blog Pro. The reason for this is that if I pinged these sites for every single post made to each of my blog sites then I ‘d in fact wind up pinging up to 50 times a day from the exact same domain (the domain on which RSS to Blog site Pro is installed). Instead of danger being blacklisted for pinging excessive and grabbing all of the resources of the directory sites, I use the ping facility from with my WordPress blog software rather so that the private pings come from the private domains. Again, this will seem a lot more natural and it likewise assists RSS to Blog Pro to work more effectively by decoupling some of the work far from it.

After 6 months of continuous use, I’m quite pleased with RSS to Blog Pro’s performance. and would absolutely recommend it to anybody who is wanting to have self-updating websites that attract targetted traffic. Care requires to be taken when choosing a host for the script, once installed, operation of the script is simple and reputable. An exceptional script in the tool kit of AdSense earners and affiliate marketers alike.


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